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Dagon Clan is a brand new wine to come out of the historical Dealul Mare wine-growing region. It was created by a team of three winemakers whose philosophy often runs counter to conventional commercial logic. The renowned Australian oenologist Mark Haisma, one of the members of the Clan, believes that respect for grapes and wine, and a striving to imbue a wine’s character with elegance and purity, provide the motivation that impels a winemaker towards perfection. The team behind Dagon Clan is engaged in two distinct projects:
… a line of négociant wines made using grapes purchased from local producers with whom a close working relationship has been established throughout the vegetative cycle in order to ensure the quality of the grapes
… a line of Estate wines made using grapes grown in the Dagon vineyard in Valea Nucetului

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Dagon Clan searches and selects grapes from plots of land containing old vines that have not been fed on a diet of chemicals. Once grapes are identified that meet Dagon’s purity standards, Mark and the rest of the team “adopt” the vine, involving themselves in the vegetative cycle to make sure they obtain the desired quality.


Dagon’s tools are custom-made to Mark Haisma’s specifications, from the highest quality materials, and small in size and capacity compared with those commonly seen in large cellars. Mark argues that small is beautiful in winemaking, based on his over 20 years of experience, as it enables him to control the wine-making process more precisely. Furthermore, he is also using an old school but fully refurbished basket press in order to be gentle on the grapes from both a mechanical and thermal point of view.

Wine cellar

The Cellar @Ceptura Manor is the new home to Dagon wines. Ceptura Manor – resides at the crossroads between tomorrow and yesterday, in a temporal bubble where it is perpetually the beginning of autumn, where the Dagon wines flow white, yellow, pink and red, where the fire crackles under the brass cauldrons and where the immaculate linen of the wooden beds is redolent of cleanliness and nature.