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1. Dagon.ro is solely responsible for implementing the project mentioned in the project description. If the customer wants to make additional changes, he needs to ask for an additional estimate if it does not mean he accepts the functional result of the templates.
2. Dagon.ro has the right to cancel the order and to reimburse in the following cases:
a) The customer does not provide Dagon.ro with all necessary data for customization; b) Customer requests unwarranted review of the order c) Dagon.com invoice persons suspect payment is a fraud.
3. Dagon.ro has the right to set an additional price if the client wishes to make additional changes to the project that were not provided before and were not mentioned in the description of the project.
4. Dagon.ro does not guarantee the perfect compliance with the program mentioned in the preliminary delivery terms. Production breaks may occur due to customer activity (e.g., the customer does not provide Dagon.com with all necessary data to personalize or transmit false contact data)
5. As soon as the customer receives the download link and accepts the result, the project is considered to be implemented successfully and should not be reviewed or revised.
Our website provides you with a limited, non-exclusive license to use the templates and other products sold through our web site by independent content providers (the “Products”) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (“the License”) issued by Our company.
a) Granting limited use You can use each individual product only on a single web page that belongs to you or your client. You must buy the same template once again to make another project with the same design.
b) ChangesYou are authorized to make any changes that are necessary to our products to serve your purposes.
c) Unauthorized Use You may not copy any of our products, modified or modified, to diskettes, CDs, web pages, or other environments and give them for redistribution or re-sale of any kind without your prior written consent our.
d) Assignment You can not sublicense, assign or transfer this license to anyone without the prior written consent of Dagon.ro
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