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Jar 2016 Feteasca neagra/ Pinot Noir 13,5%

Medium ruby. Nose is clean, pronounced, flowery, with fresh and juicy cherry, sour cherry, some light toast, toasted spices. Palate is dry, of an elevated acidity, salivating and integrated, tannins are medium, elegant and silky with a firm touch, alcohol is medium plus, without warmth, texture is lean and silky. The flavours show intense though subtle notes: again with cherry, sour cherry, toasted spices, cinnamon, long juicy finish with some oaky tones. 3-4 years plus. Long, medium bodied. Can last to the decade. Very good to outstanding, as it offers intensity and two layers of complexity, letting the time to accomplish the rest on the potential. The varietal definition is very good, aromas are balanced with the lean and seducing texture, the parameters of the palate are harmonious and the finish is long, with mastered oak influence.

Feteasca Neagra Sandridge 2016

Medium ruby. Clean, medium, quite delicate flowery notes of roses, violets, spices, cherry, sour cherry, with light toast, but globally airy. Dry, medium plus acidity, silky, with elevated tannins but fine grained, medium plus alcohol, fully flavoured, cherry, sour cherry, kirsch, toast and spices from the oak. Less reductive than last evening when the nose showed meatier, with reductive character. Finish is long, flowery, spicy. Very good to outstanding. Medium plus to elevated body, 5-6 years to 12 plus. The wine does not impress by the aromatic intensity which is more airy than expressive, however one can feel complex character by the barrel maturing notes that feel supple and blend well with the wine. The wine feels a bit fragile as if it benefited from low interventions, especially reduced doses of sulphites, but it is globally clean. The aromas and flavours go hand in hand and the palate shows harmonious. The wine is long, persistent, salivating and due to age well.

Clar 2016

Medium lemon yellow. Nose is clean of medium intensity, with notes of ripe peach, apricot, white blossom, almonds, as well as some stony, mushroom character. Old/large oak influence might be felt through the edgy oxidative character. Dry, with medium acidity, medium plus alcohol. Dense, showing phenolics both from the grape and the oak, it feels like bitter zests, almonds, with structural oak influence, both spicy and creamy. Medium plus body, warming and feels like skin contact was used together with oxidative technology. Drink now, a good wine in its distinct category reserved to certain wine enthusiasts. The wine does not excel in intensity, but offers some complexity and the overall impression is that it is more a palate than olfactory wine. Edgy balance, but it has lots of personality, as well as texture, body, length.

Clestar 2017 Tamaioasa Romaneasca/ Feteasca regala/ Feteasca alba

Pale lemon green. Nose is aromatic reminding a Torrontes. Exotic, with fresh peach, pineapple, tangerine peel, yuzu, basil. A hint of cream coming from the barrel. Dry, of medium acidity, alcohol is medium, digested by the creamy, leesy texture, the flavours are full with lots of peaches, basil, zesty and yuzu aromas, tangerine peel lingering on the aftertaste. Intense, mid-bodied, aromatic and has personality, the spicy, creamy finish shows some oak influence. Drink young to preserve the varietal definition of the terpenic and exotic, balsamic Tamaioasa. The aromatic intensity is balanced with the leesy texture, the wine also shows some complex character from the oak and lees maturing. The balance is good overall, one would maybe expect some crunchier character which might prevent the wine from getting to a higher rate. The finish is long, but not really salivating, as it gets again some hints from the oak. Good to very good overall.

Har 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon/ Shiraz

Pale salmon; nose is reductive, stony, showing some spices, on a strawberry background, with herbal, capsicum notes. Dry, of medium plus acidity, alcohol is medium plus, texture is lean with some CO2, as the wine is young, it then gets spicy, herbal, with capsicum, and liquorice. Finish is medium plus. The profile reminds a Bandol character. A very good rosé, not a pronounced character but it gets some complex aromas on the same level, with spices and herbal notes, without getting herbaceous. The texture is mellow and the wine does not lack acidity however, without being generous or warming either. Good length of a medium plus finish and lingering with some liquorice. A wine to drink in its youth.

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