Romanian pride
from seed to sip

We’re a small boutique winery, with a big thirst for discovery. For alchemy. For playing with new blends that carry out as a proud young generation of old Romanian wine-making tradition. We nurture nature and celebrate our rich Romanian wine history with great care and attention, staying committed and curious to craft new combinations with or without Romanian grapes, hand-made to change perspectives and create loyalty to discovery.
In short:
We celebrate our heritage.
We experiment as a form of art.
We let the wine do the talking, opening minds with every bottle opened.


Dealul Mare is a renowned wine-growing region that was first documented in the 14th century – and the Ceptura and Urlati areas have been recognised for more than 600 years for the quality of the wines produced there.
Our process is simple: we play with small batches of locally sourced grapes that we grow and hand-pick on our unique clay terraces, tame wild yeast, and use custom-made tools to control the wine-making process to our standards - think old school but fully refurbished basket presses in order to be gentle on the grapes and make our magic happen.


Mihnea Vasilache


“Wine is the cultural and spiritual marker of a people. You can read the history of a people in its wines. For Dagon Clan, wine is the affirmation of a story.
In our case, the story of the soil in Dealul Mare, a region with a wine-making potential equal to that of other famous wine regions from around the world.”

Sebastian Ion

General Manager

"Wine is an experience. In it you feel the earth, the rain and sun, the wind and drought speak. Wine is the drink your ancestors made from vines that escaped collectivization, not some chemical formula containing large quantities of yeast, enzymes and activators.
I am also happy that I was able to breathe new life into an old vineyard dating back almost 50 years. And happy that I was able to make Feteasca Neagră, Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Regală part of the vocabulary of international wine critics. Dagon Clan is not just a wine. It is an opportunity."

Mark Haisma

Super Consultant

"Wine is life. The wilderness and elegance of the soil encapsulated in a glass. Although I’ve been making wines for over 20 years, I’m yet to master wine. It’s always surprising. It teaches you that it’s not you who makes the wine, but the wine that allows you to discover it.
In Romania, I had the good fortune to come across two incredible grape varieties: Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Neagră from the Dealul Mare region. In the right hands, Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Neagră stand proudly alongside the great wines of the world."

Mihai Rățulea


“I’ve worked many years in wine making, and have seen many processes. But at Dagon, the process is: educated and inspired play. Wine is the most noble beverage on Earth, bubbling a lot of work and even more passion. The recipe for the perfect wine doesn’t exist. And I love that.”

Claudiu Bolborici

Winery Technician

“I spent most of my days on the vineyard. It’s a second home. I’m not just its caretaker, I’m it’s guardian. It made me into a jack-of-all-trades: tractor driver, dog breeder, and occasional male model.”

Alexandra Pantilie

Sales Manager

“The process with which grapes turn into exceptional wine inspires me. It’s a transformative process that really speaks to me, and teaches me about passion, discipline, and continuous growth.”